WWE Rumor: Will Shield Dominates everyone in Backstage?

WWE Rumor: is WWE making Brawn strowman heel?
Monday night, raw WWE experienced the new era of the shield came in reunion, that was the best main event of raw 2018, then after the reunion, they attack brawn strowman and gave him the forceful triple powerbomb. therefore on 27th August raw, we find out how brawn strowman can tackle the situation by playing mind games on the shield.
For the universal championship, there is no one announced, as roman reigns said that he is the fighting champion, therefore someone will challenge roman reigns for the universal championship on raw therefore possibility is that Brawn strowman comes out for the open challenge and have his one on one match.
yes it is official now that brawn strowman will cash in his money in the bank contract in at hell in a cell PPV . on raw roman reigns says he is a fighting champion and wants a next challenger for his universal championship . and yes who enters , its brawn strowman the monster in the bank appear and by that time roman reigns said him don’t try to steal championship by cash in cash in like a man, cash in now on raw, but brawn strowman has a point, he said that when I will cash in your boys will be coming and help you to will . no, I will cash in my money in the bank contract inside hell in a cell.
but on the latest episode of raw, brawn strowman and others backstage members attack the shield .when Dolph Ziggler and drew get their first championship match for tag team championship and they become one. after that, the shield returns after they were arrested. when they were attacking, the whole superstars from backstage attack the shield and dominates them by brawn with a power slam.

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