WWE Raw Results: June 8, 2020

Raw’s episode turned out to be great. Raw’s debut saw a tremendous tag team match. Also received the next challenger for the US title. The former WWE tag team duo appeared together. Well, let’s have a look at the results of all the matches and sagas that happened in Raw’s episode.
Raw’s initial segmentation (WWE RAW RESULTS)

Asuka introduced Raw but Bailey and Sasha Banks came there. He spoke of his tag team titles victory. After this, Charlotte Flair entered and Iconics also came there and told that there will be a Triple Threat Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Backlash. After this, Brawl was seen among all the stars. In the end, Charlotte and Asuka remain in the ring.

– Raw in Asuka and Charlett Flair vs Boss and Hug Connection vs The Iconics (WWE RAW RESULTS)
After Brawl, WWE booked a Triple Threat tag team match between those 6 superstars. Sasha Banks and Patton Royce started here. Well, later Asuka and Charlotte also entered the match via tag. Asuka was doing her best in the final time of the match, but Charlott took the tag as Rope approached. Asuka then tagged in as Charlett climbed the top rope and came in the ring and implicated the Iconics in her finisher and won.
Result: Asuka and Charlett win (WWE RAW RESULTS)
After the match, Charlotte attacked Asuka celebrating.

– Rey Mysterio interview on Raw (WWE RAW RESULTS)
Seth Rollins entered the commentary booth before Rey Mysterio’s medical update and picked up Byron Saxton and sat down. Mysterio reports that his eyes are healing. At the same time, Rey  Mysterio told that he would put 619 not at the end of the match but in the beginning and take his revenge. Seth Rollins then stated that he had given Mysterio a chance to retire as a legend. Also, Rollins called Mysterio and his son to RAW the following week. Well, the two were talking amongst themselves and in such a time Alister Black came and attacked Rawlins.
– Alister Black and Humberto Carillo vs Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy in Raw
The two companions came on the attack and the match began. Rawlins was not at ringside during this time. Well, the match started by Carillo and Theory and the match went much further. Later both of their companions came and they took the action forward very quickly. Well, finally Alister was able to pin Murphy after applying a black finisher.

Result: Black and Humberto Carillo win in Raw (WWE RAW RESULTS)
Both stars were celebrating. Ray Mysterio’s music played in such a long time but Rawlins came there. This distracted Black and Carillo and was attacked from behind by Murphy-Theory. Rollins then came and attacked Black, including Carillo. At the same time he told Black that he should not have tried to be a hero.
– Peep Show in Raw (WWE RAW RESULTS)
Christian entered after Randy Orton’s backstage interview and is the host of the Peep Show. He called Edge. Christian talked about Age’s return. He said that Edge could not give a good match even in the main time in his career. After this, Edge said that the Greatest Wrestling match has great importance. Agee said that he is old age only. Christian tries to convince Agee and says that he and Edge’s mother trust him the most. He then tried to inspire Edge. Randy Orton’s backstage segment came into view and he said he would make Edge sit at home with his family.
Backstage MVP interview was going on and R-Truth was seen there. During this, Bobby came from behind and attacked him badly.
– Kevin Owens vs Andrade vs Angel Garza in Raw
Apollo Cruise had announced in Raw that he would be the No. 1 contender match for the US title. Andrade and Angel Garza then enter and are attacked by Kevin from behind. Andrade and Angel Garza later attack Owens at the start of the match. Well, they started fighting among themselves, Jelina Vega tried to separate them but they were attacked. After this, the battle of Andrade and Angel Garza increased. Well, Joe got to see tremendous action in the ring and Andrade finally pinned Angel Garza.
Result: Andrade won the match and became the next challenger for the US title (WWE RAW RESULTS)
– Backstage Sagments in Raw
Charlett Flair gave the interview and said that he adorned the NXT title. After this Asuka came there and attacked Charlett.
 Also Andrade and Angel Garza were arguing backstage amongst themselves, but Jelina came there and showed them the way out.
Kurt Angle talked about the Greatest Wrestling match in Raw and chose Edge as a possible winner.
In addition, Drew McIntire and Viking Raiders saw a backstage segment in Raw.
– Raw’s MVP VIP lounge (WWE RAW RESULTS)
MVP praised his guest at the beginning of the segment and described him as the most powerful but Drew’s entry here. He thanked MVP for this and MVP said that he had asked them all for Lashley. Well, there is a debate between the two and here Bobby Lashley tries to attack Drew from behind but Drew sees it. Drew then attacks the MVP. Soon after, Viking Raiders and Street Profits entered.

– Viking Raiders vs MVP and Bobby Lashley
The match proved to be interesting from the beginning. The Viking Raiders dominated the MVP but things changed with the arrival of Lashley. Well, all the superstars performed tremendously in the match. During this time Street Profits and MVP and Bobby Lashley also came face to face. At the end of the match, Bobby Lashley trapped Eric by Ful-Nelson and taped it.

Result: Lashley and MVP win
Ivar attacked the MVP after the match. Lashley also implored Ivar in his submission and Street Profits came to ransom him, but Drew put Claymore on Lashley.
– Charlotte Flair vs Asuka in Raw
There was a match between the two stars again and they impressed everyone like last week. Both started the match brilliantly. Well, Sasha Banks and Bailey were part of the commentary team and Iconics also appeared and brawled between them. The referee asked them to leave from ringside. The match between Charlotte and Asuka continued and Asuka used great moves. During this, Asuka trapped Charlett in submission, but Charlett escaped. The match was going quite well but Naya Jax came into the match and Asuka lost her attention due to this. Charlett took advantage of this and put a big boot on them.
Result: Charlotte Flair wins (WWE RAW RESULTS)
After the match, Naya Jax attacked Asuka by coming into the ring.
That is how Raw’s brilliant episode came to an end.

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