WWE Raw Results: July 27, 2020


Raw’s episode turned out to be much better. WWE had already announced many big things for the show and due to this Raw fans had high expectations from this episode. WWE booked some great matches and segments in this episode. Well let’s look at the results of all the matches and sagments that happened in Raw’s episode.

  • Randy Orton’s Segment in Raw

Randy Orton started the show with his promo. He stated that he was the youngest WWE Champion and has won the title on 12 other occasions. He also expressed his desire to become champion again. He praised Drew here and described him as hardworking. Orton also challenged Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.

  • Nia Jax’s promo segment in Raw

Naya Jax immediately entered and said that she has a desire to become a champion just like Randy Orton. He said that he never got a chance for the Raw Women’s Title. Shayna Bazzler made an entry and said that nobody cares about Jax. A small brawl was seen between the two superstars.

  • Raw in Viking Raiders vs Ricochet and Cedric vs Andrade and Angel Garza

Street Profits Ring appeared before the match. The match was about to find the challenger at his SummerSlam. The match proved to be very good and there were many great moments. Despite this, in the end, Angel Garza applied a wing clipper on Cedric and won.

Result: Andrade and Angel Garza win

  • Nia Jax vs Shayna Baszler in Raw

At the start of the match, Jax slammed Baszler and there was a brief fight between the two. Both went to ringside and did not listen to the referee’s count. Because of this, the match ended due to a countout. Both of them ignored it and Brawl continued. Security came to stop them but it was difficult to stop them. Somehow the referee stopped both.

Backstage segment of Sath Rawlins and Buddy Murphy were seen.

  • Seth Rollins segment in Raw

Seth Rollins talked about the win at Extreme Rules. He praised Ray Mysterio but said he did not want to do so. Apart from this, he talked about many things. He called Dominic. Dominic looked quite scared but Seth Rollins called him to the ring. Seth Rollins said that if Dominic needed any help, he could help them. Dominic attacked Rollins instead, but the decision was overshadowed by him. Rollins and Murphy attack Mysterio’s son badly. Alestair Black entered and attempted to save Dominic but could not do much. Rollins asks Murphy to break Black’s eye but he does not agree. Rollins explained to him and Murphy then put Black in the steel steps. Dominic took out the condostic and attacked both superstars badly.

Backstage R-Truth and Ali appeared.

  • MVP VIP lounge in Raw

Ali was a special guest in MVP’s VIP lounge. MVP praised Ali and offered him to join his group. Ali turned down the big offer and called the MVP a fraud. The MVP then said that he should face Bobby Lashley and Ali would have to take care, otherwise he would also sit at home. Well, R-Truth entered from behind and tried to pin Shelton but he did not succeed and left.

  • Bobby Lashley vs Ali in Raw

The match started in a tremendous way. A mixture of strength and speed was seen in the match. In between, Ninja Stars also appeared for Shelton Benjamin’s 24/7 championship. Lashley dominated and performed brilliantly. In the end, Ali tried to apply 450 splash but he was not successful, and Lashley stuck Ali in full-time and submitted it.

Result: Bobby Lashley defeated Ali

  • Asuka vs Sasha Banks in Raw (Raw Women’s Championship match)

Kairi Sen banished Bayley from ringside before the match. Well, the match proved to be much better. From the very beginning, the match was excellent and the entire match got great action. There were many occasions when Asuka felt that she would win but the end saw a great angle. Backstage footage of Bailey was shown, where she was attacking Kairi Sen badly. Asuka was distracted by this and she left the match to save her friend. Because of this the referee continued to count and Asuka did not enter the ring for 10 counts. This led to Sasha Banks winning.

Result: Sasha Banks officially becomes Raw Women’s Champion

A backstage segment was seen where Charlie Crusoe tried to give information on Kyrie Sen’s medical condition, but Bailey and Sasha entered and looked quite happy. Shortly after the departure of the champions, Asuka entered and looked unhappy.

  • Buddy Murphy vs Humberto Carillo in Raw

Both superstars were impressed in the match but Murphy’s side looked heavy. The difficulties for Carillo remained throughout the match, and the end was similar when Murphy smashed Carillo with the help of a ni strike.

Result: Buddy Murphy defeated Carillo

  • Drew McIntire vs Dolph Ziggler in Raw

Drew came into the ring and accepted Randy Orton’s challenge first. Dolph made the entry and Drew gave a stipulation of ‘Extreme Rules Match’. The match proved to be very good. Many other things were used in the match, including the steel chair. Dolph also tried to apply low-blow to Drew, but this thing did not stop Drew. Well in the end Drew put on the superplex and then went on to win with Claymore.

Result: Drew McIntire wins

McIntire was celebrating after the match but Randy Orton came from behind to put an RKO on the WWE Champion.

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