WWE Raw Results: 13 July 2020 | WWE Monday Night raw results 13 July 2020


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WWE Monday Night Raw‘s episode was a blast. The storyline of the WWE Championship was carried forward at the beginning of the show. Apart from this, buildup was also seen for the match of Rollins and Mysterio. Well, let’s look at the results of Raw’s episode.

– WWE Monday Night Raw’s initial segmentation

MVP debuted the show from its VIP lounge. Dolph Ziggler was a special guest on his show. Ziegler praised the changes to the MVP and US titles. Dolph again said here that he has made Ziggler the top star, otherwise he is unable to do anything right now. Drew got tired of hearing all this and interfered here. He talked about Dolph and challenged him to Fight Now. Dolph hid behind the MVP but could not escape Drew.
– Angel Garza and Andrade vs Viking Raiders in WWE Monday Night Raw

Angel Garza and Andrade made a tremendous start to the match and did not let the Viking Raiders take over. Well, Eric and Andrade end up being eliminated at the end of the match, and Angel Garza arrives in the ring while converting Ivor’s move into a powerbomb and pinning them.
Result: Angel Garza and Andrade defeated Viking Raiders
Backstage Ruby Raitt was giving interviews and Iconics entered here. He challenges Rait to a handicap match but Rayat says he has them together. This fellow was none other than Bianca Blair.
– Iconics vs Ruby Raitt and Bianca Blair in WWE Monday Night Raw
The match did not last long where Ruby Raitt looked weak initially but things changed as soon as Bianca Blair got the tag. He smashed the iconics very easily. In the end, he defeated Heel Star from KOD and registered a big win.
Result: Ruby Raitt and Bianca Blair win

wwe monday night Raw has fun backstage Ricoche, Cedric and R-Truth where Truth looks like he is going to have a match with Ric Flair. During this time, Akira Tozawa came in front of him and he also brought ninja stars. Ricoshe and Cedric come to help R-Truth. Truth said here that he is going to match Akira in the ring for the 24/7 title.
– Akira Tozawa and R-Truth in Raw (24/7 Championship)
R-Truth was cutting his promo before the match. During this period, Shaina Bazzler suddenly entered and attacked the ninja stars badly. Seeing this, Akira went outside the ring. R-Truth also jokingly said that he himself was going out. Bazzler took the mike and said that she was tired of waiting and now warned the Women’s Champions.
– Promotion segment of Seth Rollins in Raw
Seth Rollins talks about the income for an income match. He said that he was thinking about Raw’s good future but he got this big match. Rolllins reported that he never thought bad for Ray. He talked about blinding Ray forever and that he would never see his son fighting in the ring. Kevin Owens entered during this tremendous promo segment. He did evil to Rollins and described the “Master of 619” as the best man. During this time, Owens brought him an income pad, which Rollins can apply after the extreme rules. Rollins called his partner Murphy here but Alister Black entered from behind and Brawl started.
– Alister Black vs Buddy Murphy in Raw
There have been many matches between the two stars and then these superstars came face to face. As usual the match proved to be a tremendous one where some great moves were also performed. Finally, Black puts Murphy on the rope with a black mass, pinning him to the corner of the ring. Rollins grabbed Black’s leg and pulled him out, thus ending the match with DQ. During this time, Rollins entered the ring and Ray Mysterio and Dominic were entered. From here, Kevin Owens and Saith Rollins started the match.
– Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens in Raw
WWE Monday Night raw
Owens performed brilliantly at the start of the match. Black also tried to interfere in the match and this helped Owens. There was a time in the match when Rollins got the upper hand but Dominic and Black helped Owens. Rollins later returned. Finally some nearfalls were seen. Rollins scratched Owens’ eyes. During this time, he tried to take advantage of this, but Alistair Black, Dominic and Ray saw interferences and then Kevin won with a stunner.
Result: Kevin Owens wins
– Randy Orton vs R-Truth in Raw
Result: Randy Orton Wins
After the match, Orton tried to give Truth a punt kick but Big Show entered and stopped Orton. Randy Orton challenges Big Show to an uncensored match the following week.
Backstage MVP asked Cedric about his offer but he declined. Meanwhile, Drew McIntire was interviewed and Dolph Ziggler attacked him and a brawl between the two stars.
– Bobby Lashley vs Ricoshe in Raw
A tremendous match was witnessed between Ricoshe and Bobby Lashley. Both the stars showed great action in a short time. Ricochet showed his high flying moves while Lashley showed strength. Well, in the end Lashley implicates Ricoshe in his submission move ‘Full Nelson’ and wins.
Result: Bobby Lashley Wins
– Sasha Banks and Bailey vs Asuka and Kyari Sen (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match) in Raw
Bailey and Sasha gave themselves tributes. . At the beginning of the match, Heel Stars attacked Asuka badly and because of this she managed to dominate. Kyri Sen got the tag and then things changed. Because of this Bailey and Sasha started to look weak. Asuka then made an entry but could not succeed. Kari is attacked by Sasha with cheating. In the end Asuka implores Sasha in the Asuka lock but she somehow escapes. Asuka kicked and Kyri tagged in the meantime. Sen smashes Banks with Insane Elbow but Bailey does not let him pin him. Sen punches from the top rope and then she starts making her move but Sash


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