WWE Raw Results: 1 June 2020


WWE Raw Results: 1 June 2020


Raw’s episode proved overwhelming. The show started off with a great match and the end was also a bang. Raw also featured WWE veterans in the middle and also saw a US title match. Well, let’s look at all the matches that happened in Raw’s episode.

– Seth Rollins promo at the beginning of Raw

Seth Rollins entered with his teammates. He cut promos and talked about Rey Mysterio here. He called Mysterio a veteran and showed him a video package. In addition, he said that Mysterio sacrificed Raw’s future. Well, after this Alister Black entered and he attacked Rollins. Then the match started.
– Seth Rollins vs Alister Black On Monday Night Raw
WWE announced the match a long time ago. Initially, Rollins had a heavy upper hand and did not let Black get up soon. Rollins had a heavy upper hand throughout the match. Alister Black attempted to make a gradual comeback. At the end of the match, Alister Black was going to impose a black mass on Rollins but Murphy and Theory interfered. During this, Humberto Carrillo entered and Rollins hit Black with a stomp, but Black kicked out and then won by Black Mass.
Result: Alister Black wins over Seth Rollins (WWE RAW RESULTS)
Seth Rawlins was not happy with the defeat and his team together attacked Carillo. After this, Rollins, with the help of his teammates, also imposed a stomp on Black.
– Angel Garza interview in Raw
Angle Garza was interviewed by Charlie Crusoe. He talked about his victory here last week. He said that he is the best in everything and he is one step ahead of others. Garza also talked about his behavior last week. Garza then gives Crusoe a rose but Jelina Vega breaks it.
– Shawn Michaels promo in Raw
Shawn Michaels talks about Edge and Randy Orton. He said that he has fought many good wrestling matches. He has said that both the stars have decorated the stage but it is up to them how good they make it. Shawn Michaels chose Edge as the winner of the match.
– Apollo Cruise and Kevin Owens’ segment in Raw

Apollo Cruise was interviewed and he talked about many things here. After this Kevin Owens entered. He congratulated Apollo. Well, Apollo said that they want to defend their title against Owens first.
– Apollo Cruise vs Kevin Owens in Raw (US Championship)
Both showed their strength at the start of the match and here Owens tried to pin the champion with some great moves but V was unsuccessful. The match was going well and Apollo is impressing everyone with his performance week after week. Well, the match was in its final stages but Andrade and Angel Garza attacked Owens and Cruise.
Result: Disqualification ends the match (WWE RAW RESULTS)
– Apollo Cruise and Kevin Owens vs Andrade and Angel Garza in Raw

The tag team matches were seen due to interference. Heel Stars performed brilliantly in the match and Garza attacked Owens’ knees. Well, Apollo tagged in and he was overwhelming. At the end of the match Angel was engaged in attacking Kevin, and Apollo had a powerbomb and pinned Andrade in the meantime.
Result: Apollo Cruise and Kevin Owens win (WWE RAW RESULTS)

Bowling segment of Viking Raiders and Street Profits was seen which was quite fun.
Billy’s vs Nicky Cross in Raw

From the beginning, Cross continued to attack Billy. She was not fully prepared for the attack but Billy also attacked the cross with a big boot. Cross tried to make a comeback but Billy set a target on him. Kraus gained Momentum but Billy applied a dropkick and then powerbombed and pinned at the end.
Result: Billy Kaye wins (WWE RAW RESULTS)

– Information about Rey Mysterio’s health in Raw
Rey Mysterio, while speaking with commentators, said there was no date for his return. He told that he has an infection and it can end his career. Rey Mysterio told the Retirement Ceremony that it was not his decision and it was Rawlins’ trick. Dominic came into the camera and said that someone in the family would have to take revenge and was ready for it. Mysterio then warns Rawlins.
Nia Jax cuts the promo while entering and talks about Asuka and Kyari Sen. Furthermore he stated that Asuka became the champion because Becky was pregnant.
– 24/7 Title Segment in Raw
Also featured was the 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski’s segment. He was making a Tiktok video and behind him was a leaf cleaner. He asked his partner, who did he tell that he was doing his work. Rob’s attention was on the person and in so long his partner took off the jacket and found out that their friend was the referee. During this time R-Truth came in from behind and pinned Rob. He was R-Truth in disguise as a scavenger and won the 24/7 championship.
– Nia Jax vs Kyri Sen in Raw
The match was already decided between Naya Jax and Kyari Sen. The match did not last long, where Naya’s hand was heavy throughout the match. Kairi attempted to return on several occasions but was not successful. In the end Naya pinned Kairi with the help of legdrop.
Result: Nia Jax wins (WWE RAW RESULTS)
– Randy Orton’s promo in Raw
Looking at the camera, he said that Ric Flair is one of the greatest stars of all time. He told that Flair spoke many things right about him. He said that according to Age he does not have a passion and Age is right about this.
– Charlotte Flair vs Asuka in Raw

Charlotte Flair cut the promo and Asuka then entered and the match between the two began. From the beginning, Charlett’s hand was heavy. Charlett was targeting Asuka’s knees. Asuka changed things with a brilliant move. Asuka had an upper hand in the match and Asuka put an armbar here. Charlotte tried to get out but was unsuccessful. Charlotte then picks up Asuka and lands a powerbomb. Asuka kicked out and came out. During this, Asuka played the song and Naya Jax entered Asuka wearing a mask and this distracted Asuka. Naya then attacks Asuka.
Result: Disqualification ends the match (WWE RAW RESULTS)
Lana revealed in a backstage interview that MVPs are actually making Lashley a badass.
– Drew McIntyre vs MVP in Raw

Lana entered ringside before the start of the match and because of this MVP and Bobby Lashley looked annoyed. The match was too short. Drew’s palms were heavy from the beginning. An opportunity came in between when the MVP attempted to sack McIntire but failed. Drew also had a great high-flying move in the match. Well, in the end Drew pinned MVP with the help of a Claymore kick.
Result: Drew McIntire wins (WWE RAW RESULTS)
After the match, Bobby Lashley had Drew come back and implicate him in Full Nelson. Thus ended Raw’s episode.

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