WWE Raw preview: Rey Mysterio To Retire, WWE LEGEND TO APPEAR!!


WWE Monday Night Raw preview: Rey Mysterio to retire, Sath Rollins may attack

WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw is going to be a big bang this week as information related to many comebacks has come up, after which the expectation of good action and entertainment increases. Ric Flair and Rob Gronkowski are part of WWE Raw this week and it remains to be seen what the 16-time world champion will talk about. He is a nature boy and he neither lacks style nor words, so his arrival is enough to increase the excitement associated with the show.

WWE Legend will appear in the show (WWE Monday Night Raw)

While the father will be a part of WWE Raw after a while, Rick’s daughter Charlotte Flair will face WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka this week. Now for whom this fight will be beneficial and for whom it will not be known then in the show itself. Along with this, the new United States Champion Apollo Crews will defend the title against the superstar of their choice this week and see who they will be. On the one hand, while Seth Rollins will host the retirement party of Rey Mysterio, on the other hand, he will also fight his match against Aleister Black.

WWE Legend and 24/7 Champion will appear in the show (WWE Monday Night Raw)

Ric Flair is coming on the show this week and recently there were reports that the WWE Hall of Famer was unhappy about the money he was getting in exchange for his daughter’s work. This could be a big reason for Rick to make his presence felt in WWE Raw, but if Charlotte Flair has a chance to speak up, he won’t need his father for this. Bypassing this, the company released a documentary on the WWE Network last night involving Sting and since Rick and Sting were once part of WCW, are they coming to promote it?

If this is not the case, is Rick going to excite fans for the next episode of The Undertaker’s documentary The Last Ride and will he be seen in the next episode. He was part of the third episode of the documentary, but are these three important reasons for his return true?

Rob Grovanski is the 24/7 champion at the moment, but will he lose his title in WWE Raw this week as R-Truth has challenged him several times in the past weeks. Every segment associated with truth is good and can be expected this time too.

Against whom will the title defend WWE United States Champion? (WWE Monday Night Raw)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Apollo Cruz is a fighting WWE United States Champion and after winning the title last week, he announced his defending the title this week against an undisclosed Wrestler. This is the reason why everyone is surprised about who will be the wrestler who will fight with them. Now, whatever that is, will he succeed in defeating the new champion so soon or not? This is also because Apollo is being given a very good push, so it is a little difficult to lose suddenly.

WWE Messiah will win or lose? (WWE Monday Night Raw)

WWE’s Monday Night Messiah will be part of a match this week with Alastair Black and would like to show Murphy and Austin Theory why he is their leader by his work. This will be a good moment and if WWE keeps this in mind, then we see Alastair Black losing, but will Humberto Carillo interfere in this match and it will turn into a tag team match? Because of this, whether the entertainment will increase or not, we will know in the coming times.

WWE Women’s Champions will compete without title (WWE Monday Night Raw)

WWE Monday Night Raw

Both Charlotte Flair and Asuka are excellent WWE Women’s champions, and on the one hand, while Charlotte won the championship at WrestleMania at the hands of Rhea Ripley, Asuka was asked to announce her pregnancy by the Raw Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch. Was given after

Now that both brands have new champions, the match between them will be good and there is no doubt that both of them will provide excellent entertainment not only to the women’s division but also to the fans. There have been matches before between Charlotte and Asuka, and at WrestleMania 34, it was Charlotte who broke Asuka’s undefined streak. Will the NXT Women’s Champion break any record this time too?

Seth Rollins to host WWE legend Ray Mysterio’s retirement ceremony (WWE Monday Night Raw)

WWE Monday Night Raw

We all know the end of this WWE Raw segment and it is going to be quite entertaining. Here it remains to be seen whether Humberto Carrillo will accompany him or whether Andrade changes his character to join Ray for Mexican Heritage. There is no possibility of Dominic coming until this article is written but if he is training well enough, then it is possible that he will be a part of the show.

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