Wrestlemania 35: 2 rumored matches That Can Happen


Wrestlemania 35: 2 rumored matches That Can Happen.

At Last year wrestlemania 34 there were quiet good matches, roman reigns vs brock lesner , seth rollins vs finn balor vs miz for intercontinental championship.
but now there are some rumored matches that can happen in next year wrestlemania 35 . take a look.

1) the rock vs roman reigns : this is the match has the biggest rumors circulating that this match can happen at wrestlemania 35.

as a fact that they are in relations “The brothers”. but wwe can put both the biggest superstars of this era in aring for a one on one match.
       Also the rock has given certain names to fight this superstars once , he mentioned roman reigns name at the top of the list.
if this match happen there will be a history breaking match in wwe.

2) charlotte vs ronda rousey : charlotte flair is the best wwe womens champion in entire womens division of smackdown live and also raw has one the baddest women on planet ronda rousey. this 2 ladies are best womens in whole womens division as champions . but rumors are that they will collide with each other for a one on match at wrestlemania 35.

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