Update on Bobby Lashley and Lana’s storyline


Update on Bobby Lashley and Lana’s storyline Lana and Bobby Lashley were the most talked about thing when they returned a few weeks ago everyone was interested in seeing where this was going and we finally got out first development in the story on raw.

We saw Lana and Lashley get into bed and Lana told Rusev that she was in control of most of his belongings we weren’t given a lot of backstories or any other information besides that…but maybe more depth will be added to the story in the coming weeksIt’s only been a few weeks but the story is getting lots of criticism and attention from fans fans are saying that Rusev is looking really weak thus far in this story he’s been coming out and watching his wife with another man every week and just standing there some fans have even questioned if this is a punishment of some sorts and if someone in the back likes humiliating Rusev like that? It’s also been rumored that the storyline is being fully written by a team of male writers…So that’s why it’s had a generic feel of “she left Rusev and took all his money” Some fans on social media have even gone on to question how Rusev and Lana even agreed to a story like this it’s understood that it’s all acting and they’re all characters but last time wwe tried a story like this…Lana did try her best and succeeded in trying to cancel the break up story back in 2015So fans are wondering why she would be comfortable with the same similar story this time around but either way Rusev and Lana were really eager to get back on tv after being away for several months…so they both have to be having a lot of fun right now so far Lana and Bobby Lashley have been doing a great job of making their relationship believable outside of rawThe new “couple” appeared together on the blue carpet of Smackdown…And Lana even recorded footage on her

YouTube channel that shows her hanging out with Lashleyhours before raw startedWe’ll have to see where the story goes from here and if it can pick up a bit more in terms of depth and backstoryWhat are your thoughts on this love triangle story right now?

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