The Shield Become Heel or Not ?


The Shield become heel Or Not ?

At the biggest event of summer ‘the summerslam’ we have experienced a new era of our new universal champion Roman Reigns. by that time the streak of brock lesner of universal championship is ended, but the way it ended is because of mr money in the bank brawn strowman.

Highlights Of Summerslam 2018

in a match between brock lesner vs roman reigns for universal championship we seen brawn strowman beside the ring . in amatch brock lesner attack brawn strowman and threw his briefcase on the ramp and with a spear roman reigns won his first universal championship at summerslam.

is shield become heel or not?

when on raw brawn strowman try to cash in his money in the bank then the shield attack strowman and take him down with triple powerbomb. by that time crowd was enjoying shield reunion and somewhere booing that . this is big question and that answer will be given by next monday night raw 


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