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WWE news Latest; Sports Illustrated was recently interviewed by WWE Superstar Seth-Rollins. Roman-reigns do not exist in WWE at this time. The Seth Rollins commented here on the absence of the Roman Reigns. Together Seth and Roman Reigns have created many histories in the WWE. Both of them made their debut in Main Roaster as a shield. He was accompanied by Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns met several times after the Shield broke. And both gave memorable encounters.

What did WWE Superstar Seth Rollins say about Roman Reigns?

WWE news Latest

He is going to be the father of Twins children again. This will be the second time and I am very happy about it. I have not met anyone who has had twins for the second time in a row. I came to know about this a few days ago. And it’s a good thing that they come and tell themselves about why they have taken off. Now they will have five children in their house. He has gone to help his wife. I hope everyone is safe. This is a great thing. Looks like everyone is getting a new baby right now ha ha ha

WWE news Latest

WWE news LatestGoldberg became Universal Champion in the Super Showdown. In the subsequent SmackDown Roman Reigns challenged Goldberg to the Universal Championship. The match was decided between the two at WrestleMania 36. After this, both of them faced each other in whatever show happened. But in the end, Roman Rains withdrew his name keeping his health in mind. After this, Brawn Strowman was included in this match. Brawn Strowman became the new Universal Champion after defeating Goldberg. Nothing is known about when the Roman Reigns will return. Fans are waiting for him impatiently.

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