Seth Rollins set to play major role in Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony on WWE RAW

Rey Mysterio was not seen in this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, but Seth Rollins announced that 619 king Ray Mysterio is about to sacrifice. Shortly after that, WWE also announced that Ray Mysterio will have a retirement ceremony in Monday night Raw next week.

WWE Monday nIght raw

This retirement ceremony is hosted by none other than Ray Mysterio’s biggest enemy, Seth Rollins. In the next Monday night Raw of Money in the Bank, Mysterio was attacked by Rollins and hit his eye on the steel steps. After which the blood had come out from the eyes of the Mysterio and he was medically treated. As soon as WWE announced the retirement of Mysterio, it was soon revealed that Rollins would host his retirement ceremony.

Rey Mysterio returns to WWE in the year 2018

Rey Mysterio signed a contract with WWE at the end of 2018. Since then, Mysterio has continued to work in the WWE. Mysterio was also featured in a match against superstars like Brock Lesner. While his son Dominic also became part of this story.

Mysterio had signed a WWE contract for 18 months and now it seems that their deal is being completed. Some time ago there were reports that AEW wants to sign Mysterio. However, it was also said that Mysterio wants to make his son’s career good in WWE, so he is taking these steps.

Apart from this, the way Seth Rollins will host this retirement ceremony, it is also being speculated that the storyline is going to be made. It may be that Rollins and Mysterio collide and the match is booked with some new bets. On the other hand, it is also being thought that Mysterio’s son may debut and that Rollins came to save his father.  If the emperor of 619 retires, then the fans will surely miss their deficiency in the ring.

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