Dean Ambrose is Leaving WWE ! Here’s The Reasons.


Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE, But Why?

Dean Ambrose was a 3rd man That help The shield To become dominant in WWE . and after in 2014, Seth Rollins Turn heel the major part was played by Dean Ambrose. And the rivalry between Seth Rollins and dean ambrose was greatly affected To both of their careers. But a day before, WWE officially Announced That Dean Ambrose will be leaving WWE, as dean ambrose did not sign his WWE contract Again.

But what  are the major reasons that Make dean ambrose to leave WWE  

1)  Worst Booking!

in Recent times dean ambrose was booked in a very wrong way as WWE make him heel To start a feud with Seth Rollins but that booking did not Make any Effect On WWE universe . in case of Seth Rollins heel turn is 2014 was best heel turn than dean ambrose heel turn in 2018.

2) Not getting good Opportunity 

Dean Ambrose won The IC Title by beating Seth Rollins, But that reign of dean ambrose as an IC champion did not go long away Bobby Lashley defeated dean ambrose to become a new IC champion. 

This Are the particular reasons of dean Ambros to not sign the contract again to be in WWE. dean ambrose contract will get expired in the month of November. 

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