3 superstars who came back almost dead in WWE


3 superstars who came back almost dead in WWE

WWE is a big name in the world of pro wrestling. WWE is currently the largest company. Everyone wants superstars to perform here. And here many times such things happened that shocked all the fans. There are many storylines in which many wrestlers come back even after dying. This has happened many times in WWE. However, they are all part of the storylines and all are scripted. But many times it happens that things do not happen according to plan. All these things are quite surprising. Fans also get shocked. In WWE, many superstars have returned to these storylines almost dead.

Vince McMahon

The name of Vince McMahon is also included in this list. Something similar happened in the June 11, 2007 episode. Throughout this episode, WWE Superstars spoke about Vince McMahon’s career. At the end of the show, McMahon went backstage and then boarded his car. As he closed the passenger seat, his car exploded and the episode came to an end. Although Vince McMahon did not die here, it was shown by WWE. After this, Vince McMahon made a comeback in the month of August itself.
The undertaker

By the way, Undertaker has done this feat many times. That’s why Undertaker is famous all over the world. In Undertaker’s WWE, there is always something new in the storyline. The Undertaker has returned to the WWE several times in storylines. In 1996, Undertaker and Mankind were involved in Feud. During this time, his former manager Paul Bearer supported Mankind, after which the two had a match. The Undertaker tried to win the match by burying Mankind but later the rest of the racers helped Mankind bury The Undertaker alive. Fans were quite surprised about this. After this, Undertaker has done this many times.

Kane is also known for such feats in the WWE. In 2003, Ken was in the storyline with Shane McMahon and the storyline was quite spectacular. Kane was killed during this enmity. He was also killed inside a rivalry. Ken had an accident here and Ken’s car was completely burnt. Everyone felt that Kane’s chances of survival were slim. However, Kane returned later. Kane has done this several times.

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